Public Speaking 101: Empowering your Voice to Speak to the Masses

Congratulations on taking a step closer toward empowering your voice to speak to the masses.

This course offers basic elements of effective public speaking. Topics focus on overcoming communication apprehension, speech delivery, connecting with your audience, preparing for online presentations, and constructive criticism. Practical application is provided through a series of individual and group presentations in a variety of rhetorical modes.

Here’s What to Expect?

Lesson 1:

Communication Apprehension, Speaking Ethics, Listening vs. Hearing, Methods for Delivery, & Elevator Speech.

Lesson 2:

Purpose for Presentations, Categories of Criticism, Techniques for Criticism, Receiving Criticism, Supporting Evidence, & Visuals Aids.

Lesson 3:

Power of Persuasion, Audience Control, & Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.

Lesson 4:

Online Presentations, Group Presentations, & Speech-Confidence.

*You’ll also gain access to a template that will help you develop a winning speech that's effective cross-platforms.

Optional: You are welcomed to email your video employing the techniques shared during the lectures and OF COURSE, I’ll email you feedback.

Here’s what our clients say: 

“Dr. Lawanne’ Grant, I want to tell you that this class has blessed my soul, my business, my future, my everything! I was so afraid to do presentations before! I dreaded at even the thought of doing one, and now I can face the world more confidently than I ever have before. I’m no longer afraid to use my voice. Thank you for being a blessing to me and so many other leaders by offering this opportunity!” - Ireenii Irvin

"I was somewhat overwhelmed with the recording and posting involved with the Public Speaking online class but it was a great experience! Dr. Grant was extremely patient and helpful. I learned a lot regarding what it takes to deliver an effective speech and how to connect with your audience. " - Gloria Williams

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and have great tools to help me with my public speaking. Thank you.”  - Shapatra Parker
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