Are you ready to become a better LEADER?

I can hear you answering, “YES!” Believe me, I share in your excitement and eagerly wait to connect with the leader in you.

Just to introduce myself, I’m Lawanne’ S. Grant. While earning my Ph.D in Business & Organizational Leadership, my professor asked if I wanted to do scholarly work (exclusively research-based) or popular work (strategic application based on research). I immediately selected popular because my life’s purpose and mandate is to show you how to properly use your influence for positive outcomes.
I do this by focusing on your M.E. (we all have one). It’s simply your MIND, the way you think as a leader, and EXECUTION, what you do as a leader. The harmony between both is necessary for effective leadership.
Therefore, I’ve set up our online platform giving you immediate access to:

* FLIM (monthly training for Female Leaders in Ministry)
* How to Write, Package & Publish your Book
* Individual & Group Coaching
* Seminars & Workshops
* Resume Writing Services
* Products & Online Store
Over the last 4 decades, I’ve been fortunate to serve in diverse leadership roles, influencing thousands in the non-profit, corporate, and ecclesia sectors. Hence, you can trust that our relationship together will yield theoretical, evidence-based practices.
That’s enough about me…I want to know about you!
Take some time to browse our gallery of leadership opportunities and let me know which one works best for you.

Be sure to connect for email & text message updates.

Available Products

Female LEADERs in Ministry

Female Leaders In Ministry (FLIM) is a catalyst that provides information and inspiration to Female LEADERs in Ministry.

By connecting you will join our thousand plus group who has access to weekly FLIM nuggets and quarterly training that equip and empower you for effective and cutting-edge ministry.

Write, Package & Publish Your Book

📚 Do you have a book idea?

📚 Have you started writing your book and don’t know what to do next?

📚 Maybe, you’ve completed your manuscript and need assistance with the final requirements for a professional publication?

Whatever category you land in, you are steps away from becoming a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

Our journey together will afford you a partnership with writing experts, editors, and graphic designers. You’ll have the opportunity to book one-on-one author’s coaching sessions as you navigate toward sharing your message with the masses.

Resume Writing

Are you looking to develop your resume and/or cover letter for a more competitive presentation?

Our professional team of writers will provide a polished product with keywords that attract prospective employers.

Seminars & Workshops

One day or for a longer focused period, Dr. Grant’s energetic and informative presentation of theoretical and practical concepts will ignite, inspire, and equip all leaders in attendance. 

Individual & Group Coaching

Work one-on-one with Dr. Grant. This opportunity allows you to obtain a practical strategy to accomplish your identified goal(s). You’ll walk away with a blueprint for success.

Public Speaking 101: Empowering your Voice to Speak to the Masses

Public Speaking is one of the most valuable skills associated with leadership. However, it’s often a skill set that’s intimidating.

This course will decrease communication apprehension by providing tools and strategies that help to effectively communicate  your vision and organizational goals.

Products & Online Store

Inside you will find inspiring books that will boost your presence as a leader. Additionally, there’s signature paraphernalia that identifies you as the cutting-edge leader that you are.

Create your Flyers...FREE!

This online training will teach you how to save money by creating your graphic designs with 3-steps:




Package your Passion for Profit

In this course, you will gain insight and strategy on: How to Package your Passion for Profit.

Bottom line: How to Make Money Doing what you Love! $$$

    How to Build, Automate, & Personalize your Email List

    This course is a hands-on opportunity to learn how to use the various platforms to increase connectivity and conversion with your online audience.

    It also includes a FREE 30-minute coaching session.:-)

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