Seminars & Workshops

Whether it’s an audience of 2 or 2,000, Dr. Grant provides the same level of preparation and sound delivery for your seminar or your workshop. This service can be delivered in-person or online.

We provide handouts and visuals which are used for greater impression and aptitude for retention.

What’s the difference between a seminar and a workshop?

Seminars: Settings that are usually shorter in length and takes on a lecture presentation with less participant interaction.

Workshops: Settings are usually longer and can be scheduled over a series of days. There’s intentional engagement with the audience and participant interaction is strongly encouraged.

You can work directly with Dr. Grant to build your seminar and/or workshop to have a specific focus with targeted deliverables for your audience.

We can also help you develop a schedule for workshops to be offered at your next leadership conference and/or retreat.

Here’s what our clients say:

”Dr. Lawanne’ Grant is without question, one of America’s leading authorities in the area of leadership development. I invited Dr. Grant to teach a class on effective leadership at my annual GO BIG Conference in Dallas, TX and it was absolutely awe-inspiring! I invited Dr. Grant back to present in my online Growth Series to speak on the subject: How to Execute during Transition. Thousands looked on as Dr. Grant skillfully merged theory with practical steps for success. All of our mouths dropped!” - Joyce L. Rodgers, CEO Joyce Rodgers International, Inc.

"Dr. Lawanne’ S. Grant epitomizes excellence, execution and expertise. She has been instrumental in strengthening not only my leadership personally but the structure and organization of the ministry in which I serve. Dr. Grant's best quality is motivating you to see the best in you, and she's anointed to push you through the process!" - Michael Payton, Chicago, IL Elementary Math & Science Teacher

"As an urban principal supervisor, I had the good fortune to engage Drs. Lawanne’ and Darryl Grant in a professional learning experience for school leaders.  Their approach and presentation were engaging, content was relevant to effective leadership, and experience appreciated as they shared practical strategies for mitigating various problems. The book, tools and resources were applicable and transferable to any dilemma encountered in the workplace” - Felicia Sanders, Deputy Chief of Elementary Schools, Chicago Public Schools (serving 340,000 students and more than 600 schools

“Dr. Grant’s teaching naturally engages all ranges of personalities and is applicable to any level or position. Her presentation offers practical and relevant skills for leadership in such unique times, equipping individuals to effectively lead and impact the Kingdom of God both professionally and spiritually" - Bishop Nathaniel A. Bullock, Overseer of California Northwest Jurisdiction Ministry Leaders

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