Publish Your Book OR Become a Book Publisher're closer to becoming a published author.

First, please download and review our author’s manual, which shares the details of what to expect when partnering to publish with LDM.

Next, decide if YOU want to publish your book or if you want LDM to publish your book.
Either way, we're able to help professionally package and publish your book.

Keep reading...if you have question CLICK HERE to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Paperback & Hardcover Books include:

  • Unlimited Author Coaching Sessions
  • Content Analysis
  • Book Title & Chapter Topic Development
  • Book Formatting
  • Book Cover Design (up to 2 designs)
  • Hard Copy Book Format (Paperback)
  • ISBN #
  • Registration with the Library of Congress
  • Registered Book Distribution (Amazon, Barnes & Nobles).
  • POD link for printed books.
  • Royalty account set-up
  • Graphic Design for Author’s Book Announcement
  • Access to LDM Author’s Forum for continued support

Services for eBooks include:

  • Book Formatting
  • Book Cover Design (up to 2 designs)
  • ISBN #
  • Registration with the Library of Congress
  • Registered Book Distribution (Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Google Play, iBook, Nook, Kobo, & Scribd).
  • Link for client direct download
  • Royalty account set-up
  • Access to LDM Author’s Forum for continued support

Here's your investment:

  • Publish your Paperback or Hardcover Book: $1299 ➡️ Click Here 
  • Publish your Paperback or Hardcover Book & eBook: $1599 ➡️ Click Here
  • Publish your eBook ONLY: $399 ➡️ Click Here

SPECIAL PROJECTS: Please schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss Journals, Children’s Books, and Coloring Books.

À la carte Publishing Services:

If you desire to SELF-PUBLISH, select a service below:

  • Manuscript Editing: Investment is based on WORD COUNT.
  • Book Formatting: Investment is determined by PAGE COUNT and Special Instructions
  • Book Cover Development: Includes Front Cover, Back Cover, Spine, PDF & PNG file. You will also receive book cover Mock-Ups mainly used from social media.
  • Content Analysis: Review of Manuscript and/or Development of Book Outline with Book Title and Thematic Chapter Titles.
  • Manuscript Translation: The completed manuscript will be translated from English to Spanish.
  • Landing Page Development: This service is for authors who desire a virtual home where others can purchase your book and contact you for speaking engagements.

CLICK HERE to Schedule a Free Consultation for À la carte Services.

 Marketing Services:

  • Social Media Management (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Landing Page Development
  • Website Development
  • Flyers for social media & Special Announcements

CLICK HERE to Schedule a Free Consultation for Marketing Services.

⚫️ ⚫️ ⚫️ ⚫️ ⚫️

Publish your Books and Help Others Publish

Yes, you can earn additional income by launching your Book Publishing Business, BUT it’s not all about the money. It’s about the people you will help make their dreams come true.

This service renders unlimited one-on-one sessions with Dr. Lawanne’ S. Grant during the time needed to walk you through the steps from registering your business with the Secretary of State to globally publishing hundreds of books. You will receive the replay of the coaching session within 72 hours. Additionally, you will receive a checklist of everything you should do to have a successful Book Publishing Business. If you desire to have direct control of your publications, this option is for YOU!

Here's your investment:

  • Become a Book Publisher: $4,999.00 ➡️ Click Here

CLICK HERE to Schedule a Free Consultation to Become a Book Publisher. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

These are a few answers to questions we are frequently asked during consultations:

Q: How can I stay connected after I am published?

A: When you publish with LDM you gain access to our closed Facebook Group, where you can see the activity of other authors and ask questions to keep your book sales active.

Q: Can I log into my KDP account to see my sales report?

A: No. This is afforded to authors who are self-published. While LDM (and other publishers) use various platforms to publish books, you do not have access to a publisher's account. Should you desire this accessibility, you should secure LDM á la carte services.

Q: Do you help to become an Amazon’s Best Seller?

A: Nope! We do not coach authors in this direction because this status is achieved with minimal requirements and yields very little financial return for the author.

CLICK HERE to watch a video that will explain more.

Q: Who does the copyright belong to?

A: The author maintains sole copyrights to published work. LDM is only listed as the publisher responsible for packaging the book for global distribution. Your certification from the Library of Congress will be printed as such.

Q: Should I respond to solicitations via email and calls?

A: We certainly recommend against it. Because your book is registered in a global database, you will begin to receive contacts asking you to become a part of certain groups in order to sell your book. This invitation is generally met with a financial cost to you that you can save if you follow the coaching advice provided during the LDM process. Additionally, many of these contacts are a hoax.

Q: Do I need a professional photo?

A: YES! If you desire your photo on the book cover, you should plan to take professional photos. We strongly discourage authors from using selfies and photos without high resolution.

Q: Can I have the original artwork for my book cover?  

A: Yes, for an additional fee. Your book publication package only includes the design. If you want the PSD file, a fee will be incurred.  

Q: Do you offer marketing services?  

A: Yes. We’re happy to help you with social media management & website development.     

Q: What additional cost will I have after I purchase a publishing package?  

A: Editing services, website/landing page development, and purchase of your books at the author’s cost are not included in your book publication package.

Do you have more questions?

Feel free to schedule a time for us to chat.

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